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Q:  Do I need an internet connection?
A:   We recommend an internet connection, this allows us to keep your audio up to date, without any work. If you        don't have internet access we can supply a wireless internet connection or simple to use USB Updates.
Q:  Can I use my own advertising messages
A:  Yes!
Q:  What happens if the hardware fails?
A:  If the hardware fails we will send you a replacement player (within 24 hours)at no extra cost.*A: Yes!
Q:  What is music licensing?
A:  Music licensing (APRA, PPCA, ARIA and AMCOS), are required for all public performances and reproduction of any the repdocution (ARIA and AMCOS fees), each client is responsable for APRA and PPCA.
Q:  Do I need speakers and an amplifier in my store to use INSTORE SOUND?
A:  Yes. If you don't have them we can organise a separate quote for this. You can also use a small desktop stereo       system for smaller stores.
Q:  Can I run advertisements at specific time of days
A:  Yes, we can give an approximate time when your messages will run. We can schedule messages to run according to:
      -      Approximate time of day
      -      Specific days of the week 
      -      Specific dates

INSTORE SOUND: In Store Radio - for retail, health clubs, hair salons, bars and cafe's, supermarkets, hotels and more!
Music formats include: Top 40, Rock, Dance, POP, R&B, Adult Contemporary, Easy Listening, Up-Beat Top40, Classical, Jazz, Country and more!
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